I had another really excellent location shoot with Samantha on what turned out to be quite a cold and windy day. Samantha was very well prepared.

Samantha is very professional and her communications before a shoot are always spot on and her choice of outfits are always really creative. She is very versatile and can achieve many different looks.

She works hard and is also imaginative on a shoot and is able to improvise brilliantly when different location possibilities arise.

I enjoy her enthusiasm for experimentation and we always come away with other great ideas for future shoots.

She is also lots of fun to be around and I always really enjoy shooting with her and I would thoroughly recommend her to work with. Many thanks again Sam for a wonderful shoot!

Purple Gecko Photography

My first solo shoot with Samantha and WOW! The promise shown in the group shoot surely came out in our location shoot. Various poses in various locations produced some fantastic shots. Very versatile and a delight to work with I'm looking forward to see what we can come up with next time.


Samantha is a very good model. We only arranged the shoot the day before, and Sam was at our meeting point before I got there. Sam has such a cool and chilled vibe, just as well as it was a typical January day

Samantha was wearing a selection of outfits from Killstar, a brand I have a great affinity for. We shot at a ruin, a skate park, a secluded pathway and a multi-story car park. I was impressed by how Sam rotated through poses with great efficiency and has a long frame to create a great shape.

A very impressive young lady, I hope to shoot with her again.

Beth Echo

Sam is a phenomenal model, let's start with that. She always comes overly prepared, confident and in a great mood. She works without direction fluently and is able to mentor other models in an easy way that means that even the newest of models can create some fantastic images with her.

Aswell as this, Sam is also very willing to take on other people's ideas and direction. Not only is Sam very professional, she is also a lovely person! Shoots fly by with her and it's filled with a laugh and flowing conversations which eases the atmosphere and make it a thoroughly enjoyable shoot!
She's got the look, she's got the confidence, she's got the attitude , book her!!!!

Edward Bourne Photography

I'm so pleased to finally have got to shoot with Samantha. I was recommended by a friend to work with her to capture a darker look image I had wanted to create and she brought excellent professionalism and creativity to the shoot as well as a fantastic array out outfits to fit the themes and some of her own ideas.

We spent a full day shooting multiple styles and locations and I'm extremely pleased with the art created.

I look forward to working with Samantha again in the near future and will be watching her portfolio continue to inspire


Samantha organised a fantastic group shoot, not an easy task to perform but i'm glad I responded to her casting

she showed professionalism from beginning to end and her modelling experience shined throughout the shoot

would definitely work with again

Beth Echo

Second shoot with Sam today.

Can I just say, I love this girl. She is such a phenomenal model and great to get on with. She always brings a light, bubbly atmosphere with her that makes every shoot enjoyable.

Not only that, but she is also incredibly prepared and always makes sure we get the best shot.

Book her! I certainly will be modelling with her again.

Colin Winstanley Photography

First shoot with Sammie was such fun. She Is friendly, bubbly and lovely, and we worked as a team to create the most wonderful images. Her looks are versatile , she is creative and she has an eye for detail that helped to spot the little things that go towards making a good shot even better.
the time just melted away and I'm looking forward to shooting with her again soon.

highly recommended

Jade Alexandra Model 

I met and worked with Samantha today on a duo shoot and it was so fun. She's lovely, enthusiastic, friendly and professional.

She doesn't need any direction , but can take direction well. I had a great time modeling with her.

10/10 recommended


After a long period of time of wanting to work with Samantha, we finally got to shoot.

Pre communications were fantastic, Samantha has an extensive wardrobe which she listed prior to shooting which made arranging outfits for the shoot super easy.

I knew what parts of the location I felt Samantha would be best suited for & she provided excellent poses and took direction well as and when I felt was needed (very little).

I can easily see us working again in the very near future, highly recommend if you're looking to book someone with an extensive wardrobe & a great range of poses.

- Liam.


Had a fantastic shoot with Samantha yesterday - our 6th this year I think, which shows how great she is to work with! Her communications are excellent and we chose a location that we both wanted to work in and a couple of other places too. She arrived on time and we made our way to the location to shoot. Sam had brought a wonderful elegant dress to wear which and she looked fantastic. After we had finished shooting in the first location we walked to another and got some really nice shots that were a bit more of a casual look with some great colour combinations.

I really enjoy shooting with Samantha and would thoroughly recommend her and I hope to work with her again really soon. Thanks Sam for being amazing!


Just shot for the second time with Samantha and much like our first shoot I found her fun, creative and extremely easy to work with!

Samantha has a great imagination and a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of photography, which is invaluable on dynamic location shoots where intuition for locations and compositions is paramount!

She was enthusiastic and full of energy throughout the course of the shoot, with no end of good ideas and suggestions..

I'd highly recommend any photographer work with Samantha, she is without doubt one of the most versatile and professional models I've had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you for the shoot!


Purple Gecko Photography

Had a great shoot with Samantha as part of a monthly group shoot. We experimented with gels and smoke and she was full of ideas. Posing came effortlessly and we rapidly got some great work. Very impressed and hoping to work with her again in the future.

Mr Dave

Our paths have crossed many times but at last I have had the opportunity (although briefly) to shoot with Sam. It was as part of a group shoot and the main theme was gels and smoke. Sam is a very pleasant lady and models with confidence, very easy to talk to and we managed to get some images that were different to her normal style.

Hope to shoot again next year but for a bit longer ...

Dave x


My first duo shoot and Samantha was just perfect.

Leading up to the shoot she was encouraging and positive, helping to calm my nerves down.

I had a feeling we would get along well and we definitely did.

I really enjoyed it and found Samantha to be fun, friendly but also professional to work with. She was able to help me with poses and offer me guidance not just on today's shoot, but modelling and PP as well. We even went for a walk afterwards where I got to know her more and I think she's great.

I really hope we get to work together again in the future and can't wait to see the images from our shoot.

Ashleigh x

Alex Hamer

I had a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with Samantha yesterday.

Her pre-comms were prompt and thorough. She has a very professional and conscientious approach to her modelling.

We had discussed potential styles for the shoot and she arrived beautifully made up and with a great selection of wardrobe options.

The shoot itself went very smoothly, with Samantha both posing freely and working to refine particular poses to suit the style we were working on. She is extremely personable and easy to get on with, which made for a relaxed shoot from the outset. She was enthusiastic and a delight to work with, so time flew by and indeed we overran.

I look forward to working with Samantha again. Highly recommended.


Sam's and I drove to Torquay and we went for a walk and shoot in the crisp light and cold.

It was draughty on the pier and harbour wall, so shooting with someone less definite and efficient as Sam would have been uncomfortable.

I've lost count, we've shot several times, it works well. I like the pictures, I hope others do.


I had another really nice shoot with Samantha on Thursday, our fifth this year I think!

Samantha is very well prepared and we had a number of different looks to work through and we got some really nice images. She poses beautifully and always has some really nice outfits to wear. Hopefully we'll be able to organise another shoot soon. Thanks very much Samantha. Highly recommended!


Just had my first shoot with Samantha and she's was absolutely amazing! Extremely easygoing and fun to work with.

She has an intuitive understanding of poses and angles which will make any photographers job much easier!

Very open to suggestions and willing to experiment, while maintaining professionalism throughout. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.

I feel very privileged to have had a chance to work with Samantha, and look forward to shooting with her again soon!



Had a brilliant shoot with Samantha on Monday despite the terrible weather working against us.

Samantha was a pleasure to work with, making my first Purpleport shoot a great experience. She knows how to pose without any need for direction, her style and make up looked great and she was so positive and happy to keep shooting despite the heavy rain.

Her chaperone was excellent, a very nice guy and great support on the shoot, holding up lights and even finding a place in the dry for us to shoot.

Her preshoot communications were also brilliant making it easy to arrange everything.

I 100% recommend anyone shoot with Samantha, pretty tough to find anyone else as easy, professional and enjoyable to work with. I really look forward to hopefully working with her again. Thank you for such a great shoot!

Philip Cook

My first shoot with Samantha she was very easy going so made time fly when we were shooting. I am impressed with how professional she was when shooting but when the camera wasn't aimed at her how relaxed and easy to chat to she was.

I will definitely look forward to shooting with her again after getting some great shots from our first shoot.


Had yet another great shoot with Samantha - this time around Dawlish Warren, using the beach huts, the beach, and the nature reserve. She really is a great model, always finding interesting places to work with the environment for interesting shots.

We also managed to get some really fun shots in the amusement arcade, with lots of neon and reflections - a great fun day, and some wonderful results, as I've come to expect when working with Samantha.

Jade Alexandra Model

I worked with Samantha for the 2nd time today, along with 2 other models. It was a group shoot with 3 photographers involved and she had arranged the whole thing.

Samantha is clearly a very hard working, enthusiastic and prepared model. Not only was she a wonderful person to model along side of, but she was also professional.

I love her style, her poses and she's a natural at modelling.

Definitely recommend. Thanks for a wonderful day!


Samantha arranged a 4 models and 3 photographers shoot day which I attended. The whole day worked perfectly and everyone arrived at the same time and worked together in one incredible mass photoshoot around Exeter. Well done Samantha for an excellent piece of organising!

Beyond that, Samantha is a great model to work with and knows how to pose to help create fabulous images whilst being professional, calm and friendly too. She worked with everyone to ensure we all had full group shots, duos and solos too.

Totally impressed at such a great shoot with so many great images. Highly recommended!


Great to work with Samantha again on an amazing group shoot that she organised in Exeter. I've worked with Samantha a few times and am always impressed with her energy and enthusiasm. Her organisational and communication skills are excellent and she poses beautifully and always looks amazing. She has a great professional attitude and is also a lot of fun to work with too and we had quite a few laughs on the day! Hopefully I'll get to shoot with her again soon. Thanks for organising such a great day Sam! Highly recommended!

Slam Petal

The best decision I made this summer was to travel Devon and visit Exter to shoot with the such a gorgeous, dedicated and friendly model that is Samantha.

She is all round brilliant at her modelling from the poses, outfit ideas and make up. She helped so much in organising our quite complicated shoot with 3 photographers and 4 models, but it ran so smoothly and peacefully, we've got some great shots today. I have to really thank her for that, her modelling ethic is inspirational.

She was also on time, fully prepared and very professional- I can't recommend her more if I'm honest!

Edie (Slam_petal)


Vampire kiss

Working with Samantha was incredible! She made me feel so comfortable and we had amazing chemistry together! Our styles complimented each other very well and we came up with some great looks!

She is so beautiful and a kind genuine person, she is very professional and has amazing ideas on set! She organized our entire shoot and did a brilliant job with it.

I would recommend her to anyone in the alternative modeling scene! I cannot wait to work with her in the future and create some incredible looks.


Couldn't wait for this second shoot and I was not disappointed! Everything I wanted to do and the ideas we had been talking through all came to life, Sam has a great eye for creativity and feel very inspired working with this stunning model. Always feel so relaxed with each other and the shoots always flow so freely! We have more creative shoots planned for the near future so stay tuned.

This model comes highly recommended from myself and she should always be booked up when you get the chance! Thanks again for a great shoot x


What a brilliant and talented model with so much passion! From the first point of contact many weeks ago we had been trying to book a shoot that worked for both of us. After finally being able to work together and shoot ideas we had been discussing, she was so fun and very professional at what she does. The ideas, the direction and natural talent I saw shining through her made for an excellent shoot.

I will be working with this gorgeous young lady many more times to come. Would always recommend Samantha to any serious photographer who wants to achieve serious results!

Street Shots

Had my first shoot with Sam, more than happy to pose as requested or pose herself, pleasure to work with putting considerable effort into her style, working together we got some great images making use of some of Exeter's subways.

More than happy to recommend her to other photographers to work with, you can't go wrong, am sure we'll be working together again in the future, thanks for a great shoot!


Had a couple more Shoots with Sam recently and have others in the pipeline. Absolute pleasure to work with and will strive to achieve the best image (even climb up rocks).

Always comes prepared and is so much fun to work with. Messge this fab young lady if you want a great shoot.


I had a great walk-about shoot with Samantha. She is easy going and helpful, makes carefully considered poses without being directed, and when I did give directions she responded with exactly what I had requested every time.

We saw lots of great shots on the back of my camera and felt that we had a very successful shoot all the way through. It wasn't until my drive home afterwards that I realised just how long we had been out enjoying our shoot! She has a great look and is very tall so can make some amazing angular and geometric poses.

I thoroughly recommend shooting with Samantha; She has a lot to offer any photographer.


I had a great shoot with Samantha, she was happy throughout a long shoot, we worked together to get some great images, even getting the chaperone involved lol. I would highly recommend Samantha and would like to shoot with her again sometime.

Thanks and Best Regards CHR15 x


I had a really good shoot with Samantha today, our fourth I think. It was very hot so we decided to have a change of location to somewhere a bit cooler, which I think worked well. We got some lovely work done and Samantha looked fantastic, with a great choice of outfits and I am very pleased with the results. Sam worked very hard in sometimes difficult terrain to get to the locations and posed brilliantly. Many thanks Sam for another great shoot!


Samantha rocked up at our shoot as agreed, with the outfits planned etc. She's a natural, knows her poses and is sure about what works for her and what doesn't. Definitely will try to convince her to shoot with me again and so should everyone else


Had my first ever shoot with the amazing samantha!

Made me feel very comfortable she was also very professional couldn't have asked for a better model to do my first shoot with

1000% would recommend working with this lovely lady

Thankyou Samantha


Had my second shoot with this lovely model on Monday and like our first shoot last week it was an absolute pleasure and joy to work with her. we had lots of fun and laughs and find the lovely location to work with.


Had my first shoot with Samantha today and what a pleasure it was. Met it Exeter city centre and explored the area taking shots in lots of various locations. Conversation flowed freely and was very easy to talk to and we had a lot of fun.

Will definitely be working with her again soon.


Sam's keen to check out the various bits of this studio before it closes and we set up a shoot, worked through several styles and a couple of rooms.

It gets slicker and more efficient with repeats, which is nice, and we hit our targets nicely.

Knight Vision Photography

I would like to thank Sam for standing in at the last moment for our first shoot. I had plans for a beach shoot the first of the year. I had the costumes already made and they fitted Sam so well. I met Sam and we went onto location where we chatted on route and it soon came apparent that she was a very pleasant young lady.

Sam fitted the style so well and can only but highly recommend her. Her makeup and hair were to a high standard which I would like to thank her for.

Thanks for your time Sam.

Neil S R

Two shoots in quick succession this week with Sam. The first a studio shoot where sam came armed with a whole heap of outfits and accessories for the styles discussed. Lively and fun yet professional at all times, Sam is always a pleasure to work with, delivering poses herself and taking direction when needed. Delivering the goods in styles Sam had not shot before but came ready to shoot, the images speak for themselves.

The second shoot of the week was a duo shoot on Dartmoor at last. Again Sam came fully prepared with her outfits and lunch. Working both solo and duo on this shoot sam was comfortable with posing with and offering direction to her duo partner. Sam always brings a whole bag of fun to every shoot and today was no exception.If you like to enjoy a shoot and be with a model who will deliver on poses, have input of her own but work committed to your ideas at the same time and on top of that have smiles and laughter to spare then Sam is for you.

Looking forward to working with Sam again in the future and producing more beautiful images together.

Highly recommended.

Beth Echo

First duo shoot with Sam today and well...what can I say.

Sam is a great model. She flows easily from one pose to the next without direction and is confident with how she looks in the photos. She was very good at directing, and helped put us both in the right position so the shot looked good.

Not only this, she was very prepared for the shoot. Bringing two big bags worth of clothes so there was no shortage of outfits and looks for the shoot.

She is friendly and very easy to get on with. She made the shoot very relaxed and it was easy to get comfortable and dive into the shoot.

Already started arranging our second duo shoot together, and I can't wait


Had a really good third shoot with Samantha. She is well organised and her communications perfect, she poses really well and has some really nice clothes and great outfit and styling ideas.

We shot on location and she was very good at adapting to the different challenges that the sites presented and I'm really pleased with the results. Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, and very happy to recommend Samantha and hope to work with her again soon. Thanks Samantha!

J Black Photographic

Another great shoot with the lovely Sammie!

We managed to squeeze in a late planned shoot which is a busy period for both of us but as usual with worth it with the images which she poses so effortlessly.

Got through a good number of sets as we always seem to do in great time and now very much looking forward to the editing stage and putting the final touches to the captures.

Thank you Sam, gorgeous model and now a very good friend to myself and Angel...

Looking forward to our next shoot!


C Valentine

Well it was my first duo shoot and in all honesty, as I'm sure she knows... I'm glad I did it with her. She was very prepared, her make up was amazing and she of course, is a gorgeous girl.

We had the perfect, balance between professionalism and fun, Sam's bubbly and friendly attitude contributed to time just flying past me!

Communication was amazing, we had a variety of lingerie sets and knuckled down on what we wanted to shoot in. Very experienced and professional, was able to provide me work the guidance I needed to be able to do my best on shoot.

I'm looking forward to future shoots with Samantha, we've already started talking about shooting again and I'm so excited for it!


Sam efficiently set up a duo shoot with another model, who we both knew, and all was smooth and fun. Working around various bursts of giggles and other outbreaks of morale we produced some useful pictures. To follow shortly.

Neil S R

Second time we have shot and both times Sam got soaked! First time was in a nice hot shower with all the time and tea a model needs to get through a shoot. This time it was chilly, a bit windy and the wet involved Sam getting into a freezing cold, fast running river in a beautiful valley.

As last time, Sam was an exception model, posing freely and taking direction when needed. Pre shoot comms perfect.

Some gorgeous images coming out of the day as I hope you will agree when you see them all.

Would recommend Sam to anybody to work with, not only the consummate professional but a real good laugh to work with and afraid to try nothing in the name of her art.

Many thanks Sam.


Had a great beach shoot with Samantha yesterday. Her communications were excellent beforehand and although the wind was cold she worked very hard and even went into the sea, which I thought was very brave of her. Really nice and easy to get on with and enthusiastic too. I hope to work with her again really soon. Highly recommended!


Four shoots with Samantha now (hopefully with many more to come!), and she was great the first time, but is just getting better! She's a lovely person, very easy to get on with, and full of ideas. She has the most amazing look and style, as you can see from her portfolio, and really knows the poses that look best for her. A very versatile model, and just great fun to work with! Very much recommended.

Naenia Lamia

I had a great duo shoot with Samantha yesterday.

She's very bubbly and easy to work with, pre comms were great and she brought loads of outfits and creative ideas to the shoot.

She's great to work with and I'm hoping to work with her again.

Highly recommended.

BH Photography

Sam is a fantastic model who poses without direction and gives everything 100% we've shot together lots of times, and I always look forward to shooting again! Couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Alex gibson photography

Had my first photo shoot today with samantha such a fun lovley bubbly person words can not describe how creative she is the images you get after is stunning she puts in 110% to achieve that fiery image come alive and so not afraid of the camera such a amazing model deffo working with her again A++

Neil S R

Preshoot comms were great and Sam arrived on time and well prepared, bringing along everything we had discussed for the shoot.

A lovely friendly, confident and chatty individual who made the shoot a breeze. Very little direction needed but well accepted and acted on when it was given.

Great poses, even when tackling styles that Sam had not shot before, I think. Considering the confined space of a shower, Sam made ample use of every, slippery, inch and got very, very wet!

Hope that you enjoy the images that will come out of this as well did in shooting them

Would I recommend? That's an easy big YES!

Ambrose Photography

What can I say, Samantha is an excellent model, her makeup, choice of outfits and ability to look fantastic in every pose is a credit to her. I would fully recommend Samantha to all photographers and I really hope we work together again during the summer Don't miss out on this model she is a 10/10


On location this time.

We arranged access to an old and decrepit fine building and went along in the unseasonal light and heat to try out some urbex and various features. Given the weather, it was worth checking out the garden and park as well.

Again, timely, adaptable, and we made pictures.

J Black Photographic

The Valentine shoot

2nd shoot with the gorgeous Sammie...

Yet again she arrived at the train station fully prepared, props, outfits, and beautifully prepared make up.

Can't tell everyone enough you need to book her and see "those eyes" through the lens along with her gorgeous pale skin and beautiful figure...when you do please remember this reference and you will know exactly what I mean.

Thanks again Sammie and let's get working on our third shoot!



This was my second shoot with Samantha which was very enjoyable despite the rainy weather and last minute change of venue.

Sam needs little direction and poses well, is fun to work with and has plenty of ideas as well, I will certainly be working with her again.

highly recommended.


Third shoot with Samantha today, and I've loved the experience and results every time. She's a really lovely person, and great to spend time with. As you can see from her photos, she has a fantastic style, with amazing make-up and outfits, and a real skill at working with her surroundings.

Very much recommended - easy to work with, and full of ideas, so I've really felt like we've worked together to create some strong images in very varied styles.

Jade Alexandra Model

I met and worked with Samantha yesterday, after talking about the idea of doing so for months. Conversations about the shoots plans were easy flowing beforehand and we both knew exactly what we wanted to achieve.

We shot at Studio F/11 in Exeter and she arrived on time and well prepared with various different outfits, which worked with what I packed to bring with me too. We have very similar fashion tastes and we worked really comfortably together and clicked right away.

She also took directions really well when it was given, although she is a natural and does know what shes doing as soon as the camera turns on and points in her direction.

10/10 recommended, I would enjoy modelling with her on a duo shoot again, given the opportunity arises!

Thank you for a fun shoot Samantha, look forward to seeing what the future holds.


We've shot several times and I intend to do so again. Samantha and Jade Alexandra coordinated styles for this duo shoot, worked smoothly and effectively together and were a pleasure to work with.

We made variations on several sets, and generated lots of keeper images. A good day.


I had a really good shoot with Samantha on Tuesday. I have been hoping to work with her for some time so it was great to meet up at last.

Samantha arrived on time and was ready to work and her communications were very good before the shoot. We had lots of locations that we wanted to try but the weather was being too cold and rainy, so luckily we also found somewhere indoors to shoot for a bit and have a warm up.

Samantha has a great look and is good company too and I really enjoyed working with her. Hopefully we'll work again soon and get to try some more ideas out. Highly recommended, thanks Samantha!


Had a really enjoyable shoot with Samantha today around Exeter. She's a very good model, getting into natural poses that looked great, quickly and easily, with plenty of her own ideas too. She's also very friendly and easy to get on with, making the shoot more fun as well as getting good images.

As you can see from her portfolio, she has an amazing style and look, which really stands out. Communication before the shoot was great, too, sharing ideas for locations that would suit her style well.

I'd very much recommend her, and hope we can work together again soon!

Angel Black UK

Sammie and I did a duo shoot today and she was well prepared! She came with an abundance of clothing options as well as endless lingerie and accessories! We worked well together and flew through the sets with relative speed. Thoroughly recommended from me. Thankyou for a brilliant shoot! Hope to work with you again

Angel x

J Black Photographic

First time of shooting with a model other than Angel Black and all went fantastic as expected.

Pre communications with Sammie could not of been better and we established an order of the shoot well in advance.

I have been aware of Sammie for a while now and was so pleased we got together for a shoot.

She arrived with plenty of outfits and lingerie and we got to shoot several sets in great time.

With her red hair, pale skin and stunning shape, we managed to get exactly what we were hoping for.

Highly recommend booking her and I will definately be shooting her again very soon.

Thanks Sammie x


Samantha agreed to a fairly late notice shoot with me while I was down in the Southwest.

Her communication and timekeeping were great (very good infact) and she'd brought a range of outfits as we'd discussed - I had a great time and found her really easy to shoot with, happy to chat as we went along and the time flew by.

She has a really striking look and I'm hoping I've done justice to it with a few of the shots.

I'll definitely shoot her again and I recommend you do the same


Samantha works hard and has ideas, interprets and extends my ideas, and is pleasant to work with.

I like her style and range of looks, which is widening.

I'm very pleased with our results thus far and look forward to more.

Studio f/11 (Closed)

Came to the studio for a third shoot, this time with me.

We had a theme to work round, some bits of the building as yet untried with her, and sunshine coming through a window to alternate with the flash heads.

A nice productive shoot with a pleasant effective model who is doing interesting work.

Always welcome in the studio


Just completed a fantastic shoot with Samantha earlier today and got to say I was highly impressed.

Pre-comms were excellent and as soon as she arrived we got going with the shoot.

I'm a big fan of the alternative/metal look which Samantha has down to a tee. She posed effortlessly throughout and needed very little guidance at all. She also brought quite a few different outfits so that we got a nice variation of shots.

She's very easy going and lovely to work with, the hours flew by in no time and we had a good laugh as well as getting some nice images.

Samantha's just as pretty in person as she is in her photos so you won't be disappointed if you choose to work with her.

I can not recommend her highly enough and with a few more shoots under her belt she's going to go places I think


Had my second shoot with Sammie firstly in a studio and, as it was so nice, onto a wooded area.

We had discussed what images we wanted and Sammie grew in confidence as the day went on to a point where she was relaxed and posing with little direction from me.

A relaxed young lady who is focused on her modelling.

Would love to work with her again.

Frankie Teardrop

Met Samantha for a relaxed shoot while walking around Exeter. Was really easy to work with and managed to cover quite a few different kinds of shots in just 2 hours. I think she's definitely going places as regards to her modelling career


Had a great street shoot with Sammie with plenty of fun and laughs along the way. Sammie was happy to follow direction and suggestions even though it meant working in front of the public.

She has a very relaxed approach which is very refreshing.

Would recommend working with her to all photographers looking for a fresh approach to modelling and would definitely work with her again.

BH Photography

Shooting with Sam was amazing - she's a great model, has an amazing look, and is 100% committed! Can't wait to shoot again!


Samantha was thoroughly professional, committed and worked hard despite 6 inches of snow on the ground. Certainly recommend her and planning to shoot with her again very soon.

Not Half Media

A tremendous shoot with Sam she has a 'can do' attitude and a relaxed, but focused approach to the work. Her pre-shoot communication is excellent, and she's punctual, reliable and keen to learn. She can do her own makeup, and has a great collection of alternative gear, which she wears with style. Sam is great fun to work with, and clearly enjoys being in front of the camera. Thoroughly recommended.