* Important to know before booking a shoot *

- I do rely on public transport a lot of the time when a chaperone isn't able to provide travel , However if a lift or travel expenses is provided for the shoot it will include 1 extra hour added onto the shoot within free of charge. 

- I do have some old pale body flaws  and scare from my childhood that I ask to NOT be removed 
For more information regarding this please contact me via my email.

- I work with or without a chaperone
Fully depended on the location and the levels of the shoot. 

- A NO touch policy 

- A deposit fee of 50% is in place

- I do professionally ask for a release form to be signed for any levels higher then lingerie.

                                DEPOSIT FEE 

I appreciate unforeseen circumstances may arise however I am now forced into the position of having to put a deposit fee in place,  50% of the shoot rate must be paid in advance once the shoot is booked.
The other half of the shoot rate will be paid at the end of the shoot.

This deposit fee will be NON-refundable to cover my back if any cancelations suddenly happen.  

                           TF SHOOT INQUIRES 

I do Currently offer a small amount of TF shoots to who I think can add something extra to my portfolio, Have a certain look or style I want to work with, or I see potentional to work with regularly with. - Creative new shoot ideas.

TF stands for 'Time for print' 

Please don't be offended if I don't choose to work with you regarding the levels of TF as I only have limited Spaces to give out each month and will be choosing photographers and models who will be able to add something new and creative to benefit my portfolio.

But have a look thorough my rates within the levels I provide, as I believe these offer very good value for the experience that I bring professionally to the table.

Regarding TF shoot inquires send me an email regarding your shoot request.

Within my PAID LEVELS I am looking to have 10 selected images of my choosing to be edited and sent to me for my portfolio , then the photographer can choose there chosen ones to edit for there portfolio also. 


Who will need to sign a release form? 

- Myself 
- The Photographer 
- Any models involved within the shoot.

What is the use of the release form? 
- To explain what consent that has been give from me to the photographer or model  regarding the use of the photos.

Who gets a copy?
- Myself
- The photographer
- Any modes that is involved within the shoot.

Why do I have one in place? 
- After a few unsafe situations and horrible / dangerous shoot experiences that I had experienced throughout the last 3 years of modeling I had felt the need to put in place a safety agreement to protect not just me but everyone else within the shoot regarding the use of the photos.   

If you have any questions or concerns or simply would like more information regarding anything feel free to send me a email :) 


  • Date of the shoot
  • Location or studio shoot
  • Start and finish time of shoot      *including breaks*
  • Your contact details & any models involved contact details 
  • If travel expenses or a lift will be provided
  • Ideas for styles of wardrobe you would like me to bring along or if you have and wardrobe pieces to be used and paired with 
  • Any locations you have access to use  * closed off or not offered to others for shoots * 
  • Your social media and portfolio accounts to have a look at and any models involved social media accounts
  • If you have any recommendations on who I should work with